Hot Tub Maintenance

Hot Tub Maintenance

It is quite exciting to own a hot tub and it is even a decorative addition to a gorgeous house. It serves as a place for the families to spend time together, enjoying each other’s company and even relaxing at the same time. But, when it comes to hot tub maintenance, most people fall back. There are different chemicals that need to be used in order to balance water in the hot tub but then you have to be very skilled at using these chemicals.

Maintaining Ph and Chlorine Levels

Hot Tub PhHot tub maintenance is very important to be done on a regular basis as it helps in keeping the water in the hot tub safe. The levels that you have to carefully watch are the Ph and the chlorine levels. You have to keep both these levels in a balance and if this is done then your hot tub is extremely safe for you. Hot Tub Maintenance is not difficult at all and at the same time it is also not very expensive. The task is quite simple. Perhaps, you can easily keep your hot tub properly maintained by giving just two minutes to this task on a regular basis. This is a petite regular investment that you need to make in order to get your hot tub functioning properly and this means you will have a great time using the hot tub.

Regular Maintenance of Hot Tub Water

Hot Tub Maintenance should be done on a regular basis so that more difficult and complex problems do not take a toll on the proper working of your hot tub. Keeping the hot tub water clean, inviting and sparkling is the most difficult task that you will have to face. The task is difficult not because it takes a lot of effort and time but just because it has to be carried out on a regular basis. There are some steps that you need to follow on a regular basis so that everything can be kept in good check. Your regular maintenance of hot tub water should include inspecting and regulating the following:

• pH balance
• The level of chlorine, bromine or any other organic sanitizer
• Water level
• Alkaline

It is important that you keep checking and maintaining the water of your hot tub at the same time regularly.

Hot Tub Shock on a Weekly basis

Hot Tub Shock TreatmentShocking the hot tub water cleans it with a very heavy dose of different sanitizing chemicals which are specifically designed to destroy natural compounds. Following this step is quite important because your regular sanitizer will struggle to be able to stay on the top of the formation of organic stuff like algae and bacteria. Here, you should follow the instructions on the label of the shock product. You should also not allow anybody into the spa until the completion of the advertised time. The chemicals used for shock treatment of the hot tub destroy all the organic compounds.

The Hot Tub Filter should be Checked Every Week

Hot tub filters do not clog up every day if they are covered in the proper manner. Therefore, it is not important to keep checking the state of the hot tub filter on a regular basis. But, it is important that you keep checking the filter frequently. If your filter is clean then you will find water in your hot tub flowing with maximum efficiency and this puts minimum stress on the pump. The hot tub filters are very simple elements of paper and they can be cleaned very easily. You just need to follow the instructions that come in handy with the hot tub filters. If it is not possible for you to clean the filter on a weekly basis then you must remain prepared for a filter replacement every few months.

Change the Hot Tub Water Every Two Months

Though you keep checking the water of your hot tub on a regular basis, at some point of time it becomes almost impossible to keep the water level balanced. Water level cannot be kept balanced all the time because of the blend of warm temperatures and due to over-exposure to dirt and organic compounds. Therefore, you should change the hot tub water every two months.