Treatment For Hot Tub Rash

Hot Tub Rash

There are many ways people treat hot tub rash, usually with the mild cases you can use a combination of home remedies and over the counter products which will help the rash go away within the week and save a trip to the doctors.

Below is a list of ways to help treat hot tub rashes, please keep in mind things such as age usage as not all products can be used by young children, allergies and always read the products instructions and ingredients carefully. If in doubt about trying or uses any of these ideas consult your doctor or local professional before doing so.

Home Remedies: • Wash the affected area with antibacterial soap twice a day. Rinse and then dry with a clean towel or a throw away cloth. • Treat the affected area with oatmeal as it helps reduce the itching, this can be an oatmeal lotion or have a soak in an oatmeal bath (make sure you have a way to sieve the oatmeal out bath so it doesn’t clog your plug hole). Just avoid prolonged exposure of this remedy to prevent additional aggravation. • Salt water can help the healing process, dissolve some table salt in a few cups of warm water, soak cotton ball and hold on affected area, do this twice a day.

Counter Products: • Burow’s solution (aluminum acetate) is used by many to help kill the folliculitis and reduce swelling and irritation. You will need warm water to dissolve with the packet and a clean washcloth. Read the instructions of the product and if unsure about using it consult your local pharmacist. • A topical cream called Hydrocortisone can be used to help relieve pain and itching, read the instructions carefully and if unsure ask a professional. • If you are in a lot of pain and not on any other types of medicines people take paracetamol or ibuprofen to help reduce the inflammation and pain associated with folliculitis.

Consult you Doctor: • If the rash appears to be getting worse and not improving on its own then you should make an appointment to see your doctor, it is better to be safe than sorry as these infections can develop into more serious problems. • In more serious cases where basic treatments aren’t working your doctor can prescribe you with more powerful antibiotics. Ways of reducing irritation to the healing process of hot tub rash are as follows: • Try to only touch the area affected when applying treatments, your hands can carry a lot of bacteria. • Avoid wearing tight clothes as rubbing against the skin will irritate the area. • Be careful what you wash your skin with during infection, and stay away from certain cosmetics and lotions. As you have seen there are many different ways of helping to treat hot tub rash, these are just some examples. It all comes down to how bad your infection is and how you want to treat yourself.