Small Hot Tubs – The Perfect Place For The Two of You To Relax

Small Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are normally big. They fill up a gazebo in your back yard, and use a large amount of water, and power. If you are seeking something a little more personal and intimate, you may want to look at small hot tubs.

Small hot tubs come in sizes for 1 to 4 people. A one person hot tub is perfect for anyone just needs a hot tub for therapeutic reasons. You can crawl in alone, relax completely, and allow your muscles and sore joints to relax without someone else splashing around and demanding your attention.

Two person small hot tubs are great for couples. Most people do not have plans for hot tub parties, they are just wanting a place to relax with their spouse, and unwind from the stressful day. These smaller, more intimate, hot tubs allow you the privacy and conversation you have been craving. You will be sitting closer together, not with a large bubbling expanse of water in between you. They are a perfect place to start, or end, an intimate evening together.

As you move up into the 4 person hot tubs, you are quickly starting to move out of the range of small hot tubs. These are still small enough to be great eliminate friends constantly asking about hot tub parties, or coming over to borrow your hot tub. They are large enough for a family of four to enjoy comfortably.

Small hot tubs will save you money in many ways. First, your investment will be much lower than buying one of the large hot tubs. Secondly, you save money on water. You will use far less water to fill the hot tub, and you will lose less water to evaporation. Larger hot tubs have more air surface area, and the water will disappears at a much faster rate. The savings are still not done. You will use far less electricity to heat and circulate the water in a small hot tub. As you can imagine, once you combine all of these factors, your cost is much lower than a large hot tub.

Small hot tubs are also the perfect size if you have been debating adding a hot tub to your home interior. You have less water to potentially cause problems, and less moisture being pumped into your home.

Some people love having large hot tubs for entertaining friends. Most people seem to end up using their hot tubs just for personal enjoyment with family. If you believe this will be your main use, forget about those monster sized hot tubs, and get one of the great small hot tubs. You can find the perfect size for your family and your needs. You will save money in your purchase, and for the life of the hot tub. You will discover you enjoy the smaller size. Sitting closer together allows for a more enjoyable experience, and better conversation while you enjoy the water.